Sep 15th


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So I kept on hearing about this “Pinterest” site, and seeing that I usually ride the back car of the technological train, I had no idea what the hype was all about. But I decided that I would take a peak at the site and see if there was anything of interest to me. My first reaction to the site was that it could give you a migraine. However, I am one that tends to give second chances, so I decided to peruse the site. I was definitely impressed at the mass volume of information that was so easily available on one site. By searching a simple word such as “makeup” you are sent into an abyss of desirable fashion looks and Halloween-esque faces alike. I decided that this could be the perfect tool for those looking for a DIY project, recipes or even a children’s craft project. It can also be a great tool for me to get new inspiring ideas to create different hair color looks. Here is one of my favorite looks that I “pinned” during my first excursion. Enjoy!

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